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    Now that I've reached 10 posts, I can submit the link.

    This link takes you to Palm's support forums where I started a thread about your inability to stream certain stations, like WNYC, even though the format is supported by the Pre

    Re: Audio Streaming formats/playlists and the Pre "streaming app" - webOS Software - Palm Support Community
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    Could you also add a link for the KCRW all music channel. You've already got the ones for the news channel and the simulcast.

    Thanks for the great site!
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    You can also stream the palmcast at precentral
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    Quote Originally Posted by northward View Post
    A pet project has been to catalog stations found to currently work on the Pre. The Pre-optimized website for the list is - Streaming Online Radio Stations for Palm Pre.
    you rock! keep up the good work!

    Can you add some comedy radio channels? I know Demented Radio and .977 Comedy from Shoutcast stream to the pre

    thanks again!
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    Don't know if there are any progressive rock fans here but I found the following stations work on the pre:

    Aural Moon: http: // / playlinks / auralmoon56kmp3.pls

    Delicious Agony: http: // : 7070 / listen.pls

    (take out the spaces - i don't have enough posts yet)
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    Has anyone found WNOX? I have tried many way but can't find a pre-compatible method to stream.

    Thanks in advance for the assistance.
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    streamcenter works some of their links are outdated though
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    WebOS 1.2.1 streams from m3u sources (1 of 1 tried anyhow).

    Yay. Thanks Palm.
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    no luck with these streams

    Listen Live
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    The original poster to this thread was looking for a way to get ME, ATC on demand (podcast), not streaming live from the stations.... doesn't provide these two shows as podcasts, probably to keep live listeners with the stations.

    Anyone have ideas on if these two shows can be had on demand?
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    Kinoma EX would solve ALL radio station streams period. Its just too bad that Motion Apps can not seem to get it to work properly the Classic emulator. Lets hope that with future updates Classic will fix the stream issue with Kinoma and Pockettunes
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    For all those that still need US AM/FM radio station just found an app called RadioTime that does it
    Dont know how, but it will play wma streams
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    free app that has nothing but public radio stations:

    http: //

    or search for "public radio" in the app catalog.
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