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    Here are a few questions I would like to have answered?

    - Can you edit Excel spreadsheets in Pre AND call contact numbers in an Excel spread sheet directly from the spread sheet with one touch dialing (such as with the Blackberry)

    - Can you text a number that is not in your contact list (such as with Blackberry)

    -What is a good moiilbe expense software for Pre that tracks daily milegae and meal logs?

    - Any workaround for a "back" button when typing text and making errors, needing to go back?

    Thanks for the input!!!
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    - Don't know, but I don't think DocsToGo allows editing yet.
    - Yes, just type in the number
    - Don't know.
    - I'm not sure exactly what functionality you are asking for here, but there is a backspace key for deleting one character at a time. There is also a back gesture which will discard the current view to return to the previous view (similar to a back button on a web browser).
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    -DocsToGo is read only
    -Evernote is for unstructured capture, but not the traditional expense tool you are thinking of. The web browser is so good that you can use web sites for expense tracking. Also, with the PalmOS Clasic App, you run hundreds of expense management apps.
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    Hrm.. Could you edit the spreadsheet if it were on your google documents account?
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    Yeah, of course. 1Paladin reports that its pretty easy to use as well. I haven't tried it myself.
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    Not telling you to not buy the Pre (I love mine), but I suspect if you're a hard-hard-core Blackberry user who requires a lot of functionality, I would suggest waiting for at least one more rev of the software to see where things go, and allow some time for more apps to come out. I had a Blackberry Curve, and the Pre is really lacking a lot of the stability and configurability that the Curve had, though I was never a hard core BB user, so I'm not really missing much.
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    pre is gnu/linux based , that's enough for me to forget bb

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