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    Database app.
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    Sling Box/Slingplayer
    Pocket Informant
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    I would just love to just see some Apps. So we can prove how the Pre is such great phone when compared with the iphone or even by it self!
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    1) Media player that does more than we have currently with EQ support
    2) Games I guess... This aspect will open right up once we get native flash

    1) Lockable notes or alternative software that I can enter my passwords/accounts into so I dont have to lock my phone

    1) SSH
    2) VPN
    3) LMI/RDP equiv
    4) Doc suite

    1) Flashlight
    2) Wallpaper changer (im aware of the homebrew but Im not rooting my phone)
    3) Control of all sounds/alerts (I do have my notification installed for now)
    4) RSS reader/alerter
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    File explorer
    Google latitude
    Google sky maps
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    Anyone else think it would be a cool browser feature to be able to shake the phone once to the left to go back a page and once to the right to go forward?
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    Most of you wish to have Skype on Palm Pre.

    IM+ for Skype is available.

    It is web app and it allows you to be online, chat and make cheap calls in Skype.

    To enter IM+ for Skype just point your mobile browser to:
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    Call me nerdy but I had Quick Mile on my 700p and I could really use something to track my mileage on the Pre.
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    google latitude
    sirius xm
    run/bike ride recorder w/ speed & mapped route
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    Time travel app
    Order pizza app
    Do the laundry app
    Call a hooker app
    Find the nearest hammock app
    Teleportation app
    Vaporize ***** driver in my lane app
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    My goodness the first few responses came from Geeks-ville - Sorry folks.

    From a standard user (some of this may already exist in homebrew?):

    1. Facebook
    2. Landscape in everything
    3. Video recording
    4. Search across everything (including emails)
    5. RSS Reader
    6. EBay client
    7. Stocks
    8. Flight information
    9. A decent calendar app that allows attendees to be invited to meeting, allows you to make changes on the PRE calendar and have them reflected back to Outlook/Exchange, see attendee acceptance - the Calendar list shortcomings go on and on
    10. Palm's own Media sync/player soluion
    11. Software keyboard in portrait and landscape mode
    12. Book reader software
    13. Expense claim tracking
    14. Travel (reviews of holiday destinations)
    15. Weather (PLEAE ENABLE IT TO USE LOCAL WEATHER DATA SOURCES as weather data from the US for Australia sucks)
    16. GPS that can use maps for other countries (get ready for the GSM model in Europe folks)
    17. Zip/Postcode lookup App
    18. Instant Messaging - prefer a PRE version of the MS Mobile communicator (Download details: Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile 2007 R2)
    19. Stop watch with cumulative and split times (good for racing laps)
    20. A couple of games to appease the eye candy brigade that use the accelerometer (incl sudoko, chess,
    21. Race chrono, tracking software which uses GPS to identify the track layout and then mark the start finish line. Then the apps records your lap times.
    The Palm Pre advert that should have been

    Madam - I never forget a face, but in your case I'll make an exception. Groucho Marx
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    Bluetooth remote control app for PS3. Control BluRay, video, music. Perhaps also usable as a Bluetooth keyboard to use in chat.
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    Two Apps I would love.
    - Citrix app
    - Groupwise app

    With these two I could easily ditch my Blackberry and carry only one phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skitzi View Post
    Bluetooth remote control app for PS3. Control BluRay, video, music. Perhaps also usable as a Bluetooth keyboard to use in chat.
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    - Search to include Calendar entries!
    - Voice dial
    - Mileage tracking program (for IRS records) (maybe one-touch GPS function?)
    - NIV or RSV Bible
    - Pinch/expand and landscape view on all programs
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    Phone Technician or app that auto turns on/off ringer at designated time.
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    Besides all the Homebrew's in the actual catalog...

    PowerHero (loved on my Centro)
    More Casino games
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    voice changer
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