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    Flash: why am I browsing all these cool webpages, but can't play the video or view some pictures?! Getting tired of "Your device does not have an application capable of (fill inthe blank)".

    Kinoma: Duh! It'll put the "multi" into media for the Pre.

    Memos: Like on my Treo 700p, not that lame post-it app! Give it categories, not colors, and of course, let me mark them as private!! It ain't a Palm til it's got all the Palm apps that made a Palm: sortable contacts, tasks, Calendar and MEMOS!

    Preautobots, transform!
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    Grocery Shopping App
    Tasks (syncs with Toodledoo or RTM)
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    +1 for VNC, Facebook, and Emulators - in that order.
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    Yahoo IM
    ebook reader

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    I totally agree popologuy! Where is the ablility to mark my memos as private! I need it!
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    Iheart radio

    Email them and request it.... 350+ Radio Stations, Videos & More
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    gotta go with facebook
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    Ebook reader
    Spell checking
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    Flash and voice dialing for starters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by odditory View Post
    1) Flash (would be great if Palm beats Apple to the punch)
    2) Skype (trump the iPhone version and leverage Pre's multitasking with incoming call and IM ability!)
    3) Netflix streaming (how crazy would that be!)
    4) Microsoft Remote Desktop (or any other VNC type app for remote control)
    Wow you read my mind! I would love all these ASAP! Especially #2 and 4...hell if 3 was out, Id go back to Netflix for sure!
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    I'm surprised only 2 of 131 mentioned a decent calendar app. To me that's one of the most important features on a smartphone. I really miss datebk on my Treo & the week-view that allowed me to actually read the appointments. The color-shaded blocks do nothing for me.
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    An app that shows technoviking destroying chuck norris
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    FACEBOOK... with chat integrated into the Messaging program
    Flight Control
    100 Pushups
    20 Chinups
    200 Squats
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    shazam and some sort of video/picture editing app would be nice!!

    Facebook of course! Yahoo im would be nice.. an app that makes the pre vibrate harder(I always keep my phone on vibrate and i never feel the vibration)

    And some freakin Games man!! Come on!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mpre View Post
    I need a radio app asap!
    Thats what Pandora is for dude!
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    Quote Originally Posted by edlex View Post
    Flash and voice dialing for starters.
    flash is not an app my man!!! lol
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    Why are you all obsessed with Facebook? Don't you want a fart app? You know your phone isn't cool until you have one of those.
    Are you trying to hurt me?
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    I want shazamm. It is one of the best apps out there.
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