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    I email Call block (Wish solutions) and they said they have no plans for the pre at this time.

    I want a call block type solutions, so I hope someone else out there will write one.
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    Video recording!
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    Something like treoalarm.
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    - Hulu
    - Netflix
    - Skype
    - Teamviewer (Remote Desktop/VPN software)
    - Imeem
    - CNN Video
    - Visual Voicemail
    - An improved YouTube app that can link to your account to view favorites, subscriptions, playlists, etc.
    - An eBook reader
    - An app that can scan UPC barcodes with the camera and search for product information, reviews, and prices
    - An app that can listen to a song (via the microphone) and identify it. It would ideally provide an option to buy the song via Amazon.
    - Emulators (MAME, NES, Genesis, etc.)
    - Any other fun games to pass the time
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    Trips and Turbopassword ported over.
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    well these are mostly apps I use on my ipod touch that i would love to see on the Pre:

    Tap Tap Revenge
    Simplify Media
    iTunes Remote
    Air Mouse
    2Across (Crossword puzzles)

    I would like to sell my iPod Touch at some point but that won't happen until these apps are on the Pre.
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    Linkesoft's Secret!
    Astraware's Sudoku
    a ssh client
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    1. A Tasks app that syncs Google Tasks
    2. A Memo app that syncs and has a list view
    3. Pocket Tunes or Kinoma with download capability (though Kinoma must finally support AVRCP!)
    4. Skype
    5. SplashMoney
    6. A Whispersync app for Pre/Kindle synchronization
    7. A call block/filter
    8. Google Voice
    9. Google Wave
    10. An Imeem client
    11. DTG Pro
    12. A LiveMesh or Dropbox client
    13. Flash
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    +1 for Amazon Kindle as software
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    Quote Originally Posted by ClintonGJohnson View Post
    +1 for Amazon Kindle as software
    Good one, I forgot. I second that whole heartily!
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    +100 Video Recording
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    1. Call Block
    2. MSN Messenger
    3. Voice Command
    4. Spell Checker
    5. Pocket Tunes
    6. Video Recording
    7. Agendus

    That's about all right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tj0827 View Post
    I email Call block (Wish solutions) and they said they have no plans for the pre at this time.

    I want a call block type solutions, so I hope someone else out there will write one.
    darn cause i love that application
    i need agendus
    call block
    I sure hope they are listening to us and reading this board palmmmmmmmmm hear my cry
    I got my palm pre on day 1 Treo 755p with sprint
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    Nvback up on 2nd 1gig sd card
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gameboy70 View Post
    [*]A Memo app that syncs and has a list view
    Try Evernote. It's working out very well for me. I like the tagging feature, works like categories on steroids.

    I'm waiting for eReader or similar (Mobipocket? Stanza?).

    (Shortcovers is a book reader, but it lasted about 20 minutes on my Pre. Text looks good, but the interface was a bit clunky. Dealbreaker though is that you never actually have a complete book file that you can archive, read while you're on a plane, etc. They dole out books from their server a chapter at a time that disappear if you leave the program. It's like a music streaming service, vs. buying an .mp3. MASSIVE FAIL. I doubt they'll last long.)
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    A full-featured call handling system like Lightwav
    Windows Media Center controller
    We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart?
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    Pocket Quicken
    Amazon Kindle (like iPhone)
    Remember the Milk
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    Onscreen Keyboard (landscape)
    Streaming Radio (so I can actually listen to those contests while I'm at work and call in )
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