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    Pocket Tunes / Kinoma Player or something like similar that can stream podcasts, any internet radio from shoutcast and bookmark them.

    MSN messenger needs to be either added to the WebOS just like IM and gtalk or in the meantime a similar app.

    Skype would be awesome!

    IRC chat would be great.

    Facebook app, yeah it should have been there already.

    Splash money is a must and I hope it comes out soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomascco View Post
    The Pre will never be taken seriously as a smart phone without Jiggly Boobs. Trust me on this. Corporate America, well, male corporate America will absolutely go wild with it.
    It's not a "jiggly boobs" app, it's an "accelerometer test application". LOL
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    voice record
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    In order of most importance to me:

    1. Slingplayer (Please Slingmedia get on this one ASAP!)

    2. Tethering App

    3. Dedicated Facebook App

    4. Call Block (I agree, must have!)

    5. Video Recording
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    Hmmmmm.... humans needs are unlimited.
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    Browser and Phone Voice Recognition
    Fix so that signal doesn't wander all over the place
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    Some FUN games
    Microsoft Recite
    More launcher pages
    Video recording
    Flickr support or, better yet, a Flickr app
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    a decent Tasks replacement
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    Dedicated Facebook app
    Brightkite and/or Google latitude app
    Netflix with streaming
    Video recording with editing and uploading. Iphone ripoff, maybe. Cool? Absolutely.
    RSS reader
    App to keep track of my minutes
    Better alarm clock, something like Treo alarm with weather.
    Better calculator, like on my old 755p.
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    Not nec. an app, but I need to be able to publish an image to facebook from my camera album.
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    1. Repeating alert mod like Butler for PalmOS (will beep at short/alert at ~1min interval until I acknowledge the alert when I'm on call)

    2. Epocrates

    3. eWallet

    4. Tethering app for BT or like WMWiFiRouter
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    Call me crazy but I miss clipping out my mp3's at the chorus and calling them my own ringers, via the MINITONES program
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    Quote Originally Posted by allthewayhome View Post
    Not nec. an app, but I need to be able to publish an image to facebook from my camera album.
    Good news, you can right now. If your facebook account is synced to the Pre, just go to the photo you want to upload, hit the upper-left corner, and goto upload, and select your facebook account. Also, from the thumbnail view, you can add facebook and photobucket accounts.
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    an app that'll auto rotate my 300+ wallpapers hourly
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    iTunes remote that works over wifi
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    Quote Originally Posted by odditory View Post
    1) Flash (would be great if Palm beats Apple to the punch)
    2) Skype (trump the iPhone version and leverage Pre's multitasking with incoming call and IM ability!)
    3) Netflix streaming (how crazy would that be!)
    4) Microsoft Remote Desktop (or any other VNC type app for remote control)
    I would like a native weather application with animations like moving clouds rain etc. Also flash would be great as well as visual voice mail, voice dialing and universal voice search and commands like on the instinct.
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    Sorry I also forgot some type of spelling correction
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