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    Anything that syncs with microsoft money
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    +1 Tethering
    +100 Geocaching!!!!!!!
    treo 90 > treo 300 > treo 600 > treo 650 > motorola Q > instinct > treo pro > Whats next???? PRE?
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    I also want yahoo im
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    an application that can stream radio. such as Kinoma did!
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    A Voice recording app with tagging, etc. Preferably it would sync to desktop/cloud too...
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    Quote Originally Posted by LightofHonor View Post
    MSN Messanger
    Ditto. Plus a password keeper app.
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    An app to stream radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk radio...not just music like Pandora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Pleasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    mlb atbat. Baseball season is going strong and Pre users need a way to listen to games.
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    Spell Checker
    Doc Editing
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    Sirius / XM app
    Flashlight app
    Tethering app- but nuge a huge deal
    Facebook like everyone else
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    Personal Finance App (anything)
    Ebay (I mean come on there's already a craigslist app)
    Netflix (to stream and to add to my queue)
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    iHeart Radio
    MSN Messenger
    tethering app!!!
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    voice recorder for incoming/outgoing calls
    a GPS standalone application (TomTom)
    A full system backup
    A full system search that includes tasks/memos
    An onscreen keyboard application
    kinoma player
    I think then the Palm Pre would be equal to my old retired HTC Touch Pro
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    Banking Apps. Bank America, Chase etc.
    News. CNN etc.
    Sci calculator.
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    A scientific calculator (just like the one that came with my Treo 600 6 years ago) will definitely help. That'd be the first thing I'd develop once the darn SDK is published for sure.
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    1. Docs to Go
    2. Facebook
    3. Human Japanese(this program I was using to learn Japanese on the iPhone)
    4. Flash
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    Amazon Kindle
    1Password would be cool
    Windows Media Center Remote!
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    video recording please!
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