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    I've got to definitely repeat the request for VolumeCare!!

    This is my number one complaint about the Pre. Everything about it is awesome except the phone call quality sucks *** due to poor volume. I can barely hear people talk, and if I'm in my car with the windows down or something forget about it! Speakerphone is horrible too!!!
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    SMS Auto Reply App
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    First and foremost for me would be:


    and then SHAZAM,
    Splash Money,
    and backup capabilities for Splash ID
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    But for real, we need Shazzam, Midomi and some fun games.[/QUOTE]

    Midomi is so much better than Shazzam but either is better than neither!! had it on my HTC Diamond!! Miss the app but not the phone!!
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    wow I'm happy with the updated version of facebook. But then again only coment when I'm on facebook. But I would really like a volume enhancer app. Cuz wen I'm watchin youtube I can barely hear anythin nd when I use the speaker as well. And I second the vibrate function as well. The vibration sux on the pre. Oh and maybe a rosetta stone app that would be nice. Oh and of course a nice video recording app. Prolly missed sum important things but yea that's it for now...
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    More games! LOL
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    Flash would be great along with facebook
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    Call block! Call block! Call block!
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    Yahoo im!!!!!!!!!
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    opera mini thats all i need..
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    Quote Originally Posted by wayoutawack View Post
    Yes, Please!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Level5Juan View Post
    Yes, Please!!!!!
    it will be awhile before we can see an app like shazam because of limitations in the current SDK. as of now, developers have no way of accessing data from the microphone and therefore this type of app is impossible.
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    Last FM
    Twitter client (is there one already?)
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    I saw a app on the iphone and the htc hero that measures your cars horsepower im not sure how it works but I want that app also adobe flash and maby a nes emulator with all games like i used to have on my touch pro
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    better linkedin app - like the iPhone app - again, an iPhone app
    video recording
    voice recorder
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    spotify asap
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    Bluetooth Keyboard support PLEASE!!!

    I have a portable bluetooth keyboard, if the pre had support for it, i dont know that I would use my computer more than a few times a month.

    Also, Slingbox, flash and video recording capability.
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    Quote Originally Posted by natrixgli View Post
    +1 for Facebook, with chat integrated with the messaging application, contacts, and notifications.

    Absolutely!!! +2 for Facebook. Add chat to our messaging program.
    Slingbox Player
    Netflix Player
    DirecTV DVR request application. (using the webpage stinks)(
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    I'm not looking for im or any of that because most mobile sights are fine for being away from a computer. I would love Flash compatability and video capture. These 2 things would greatly improve the functions of the phone besides that it's the best phone out there, unless you really think you'll use a stupid bubble level packaged into your 600 ipoop give me a break. Way to go Palm! Way better than the iPhone. Apple products are for people who have no clue about computers.

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