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    1. Yahoo Fantasy Football - Come on, it's Football Season.
    2. XM / Sirius Radio App
    3. Facebook
    4. Video capture
    5. Casino Games (I.e. Craps, Texas Hold em, ect, ect)
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    A good online storage app that you can stream videos and music from.
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    an app that will let you download as many apps as u like without deleting the ones you have...
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    I bank with USAA, and i would like to see an app similar to the iphone's USAA app. where you snap a pic of your check and the app sends it to usaa and deposits your check.
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    a simple notification light. is that an app?
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    Orb that would be dope to have an app for Orb!!!!
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    1. Call/voice recorder like Callrec
    2. A proper NES/SNES emulator running at good speeds
    3. Video Recording (DVD quality will be awesome!)
    4. Blackberry Connect

    These would make it a perfect device!
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    In order of preference:

    1) Volumecare
    2) Voice dial
    3) Video record
    4) Chase Banking
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mpre View Post
    I need a radio app asap!
    Need stations that are on iHeart radio.
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    +1 facebook
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    Quote Originally Posted by joesparty View Post
    need stations that are on iheart radio.
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    And a great Real Estate App....
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    I need a movie & sound capturing app.
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    The Lose It! app that is on the iphone.
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    A real Facebook app... and Shazam or something similar.
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    RSS reader (done?)
    A calendar that allows for appointment timezone settings
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    Lotus notes EMAIL sync without imap or pop access. Please lord find a way to make it work.
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    face melter lol
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    Pre Needs- Splash ID..Splash Money, eReader, LightWav, Butler, Dictionary.
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    I know it's been mentioned but I'll mention it again - would love to see a crossword puzzle app.

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