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    Why contiue with these list if Palm is doing noting to provide the apps we list? I haven't seen anything new. I just keep reading that they will probably release something soon. How soon?
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    call blocker!! call blocker or call blocker
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    I want to be able to play myspace apps and facebook myspce mobsters has an iphone app why can't we please some one
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    beejive and facebook
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    -A piano app
    -App to edit photos (crop,rotate ,etc.)
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    Flash and aim
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    It would be great if someone would develop a Nascar app.

    Just kidding. I would really like a Redbox app. Instead of using the browser to rent one of those movies, it would be great if you could either.....

    - get notifications when movies were returned near you.
    - use one or two click rental or reservations.

    Not sure if it just me, but on Tuesday mornings I log in and always reserve the new releases. Also, i have been in line waiting for my turn at the box and actually reserved a title ahead of people in front of me using the Pre browser.
    Thank you
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    some type of way of beaming memos and contacts - like that apple iphone commercial where the contact is gestured over to the other phone.

    Better yet, some type of way of receiving a contact from an iphone....over wifi or bluetooth?
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    I personally would love to see
    Repeating Alarms,
    Profile management. (IE being able to set to not alert me from 11p to 7 a) PocketMax has an awesome program for wm that does this called phone alarm.
    Seperate alarms for text vs e-mail. Quite anoying to get text and thing its mail or vice versus
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    epocrates (native webos)
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    If at all possible, maybe some type of EQ. So the speaker last a little longer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by comedytreogirl View Post
    call block . some people need to be on block lol
    I agree. But in the meantime I use a 1 sec mp3 of silence as the ringtone. Then I create contact named avoid, and assign all the phone numbers I do not want to have ring to that contact.

    Works like a charm.
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    I wold love to see an app of live nba games like the iphone have for mlb!!!
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    I found a voice recorder on the pre. just wonder if it can be unlocked to use all the time. I found it under launcher then click the top left and goto list apps....then again click top left under preferences and click interactive tests..then touch audio and touch start it will ask you to record something in the phone and play it back to you. so the pre can do it. now how do we get it.
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    Datebk6, or the equivilent.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    Any word on SlingPlayer Mobile or Sirius coming to the Palm Pre either officially or homebrew?

    If I had these, I would be all set.
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    A NIV bible, and Facebook.

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    Tap Defense
    Slacker Radio
    Voice Dialing
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    That's correct -- Facebook Mobile is the first thing you see when you touch the Web icon! Works great for what it is. I think maybe people want access to Facebook's chat and photos features too, though -- Facebook chat integration into the Pre's nifty push chat feature would be nice.

    Speaking of photos and Facebook. How about fixing the "upload to Facebook" option on the camera roll so that it actually works, instead of just flashing "failed to upload photo" back at you? Not like it's a big deal to add the upload address to your email address book and make it an email attachment, but the Pre is supposed to be about seamless integration.

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