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    i set notifications for my emails off, yet they still appear in the notification bar on the bottom. whatsup with this?
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    Does it happen only when the phone is locked?

    I was noticing that happening on one of my email accounts that I have notifications turned off for.

    No notifications as i'm using the phone, but if the phone is locked there are notifications when i turn on the screen.
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    that sounds about right. i dont prefer that.
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    yeah i haven't taken the time to search Palm's support forum to see if it is a known bug.
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    i definitely know about it, and its buggin me lol
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    happen to me.try turning off your phone and turning it back on after you have set your email settings the way you want them.worked for me so far
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    i tried that, no luck. thx for the suggestion tho.
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    Same problem. And all my accounts are set for manual check too!
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    Same issue as well even after restarting. All these bugs are starting to ruin what WAS a dream phone for me personally. The big killer is the horrible reception even here in NYC. The only calls I seem to be making these days on my Pre are calls to retrieve my calls on voice mail!
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    me too
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    reception will be fixed with an update im sure. i definitely am dropping calls a bit more often. also, im still getting notifications when i shouldnt. with all that said, i still love this phone!
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    This was also happening to me even when the notifications set to off. I'm sure it will get resolved soon
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    I believe it is a bug happens to me when set on manuel also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lldsandsll View Post
    reception will be fixed with an update im sure.
    Could you elaborate? How does the problem get fixed if it's a hardware issue? I'm asking because my PRE goes back in 2 weeks for reception/signal issues. I also love the phone and would prefer to keep the PRE. Not if it's unreliable making and receiving calls.
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    Regarding reception, make sure you've turned on data roaming (it's a preference in the Phone app, for some reason). It may help. {ProfJonathan}
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