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    Man.. I've been checking the damn App Catalog so much that I ended up moving it to my bar so I could just tap it instead of going in to launcher.

    I'm checking that thing at LEAST every hour.. great, a new addiction.
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    It's there now!
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    I'm checking it quite often too... already moved it to the top center of the first page of the launcher, hadn't thought about putting it on the Quick Launch bar... thanks!
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    I won't be... there aren't much apps coming out for me to do so.

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    how do i move things to the quick launch bar? i want to move 'messaging' there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by allthewayhome View Post
    how do i move things to the quick launch bar? i want to move 'messaging' there.
    Do you know how to move apps around within the launcher? You just tap and hold an icon for a few seconds and then you can move it around.

    For the Quick Launch bar, do the same thing but first remove an app from it and into your launcher, meaning just 'move' it to the launcher. The remaining icons on the Quick Launch bar will resize to fit the new space, but you can now bring down an app of your own choosing.
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    why? if any notable apps appear it will be in the blogs.

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