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    I have a personalized email address for my Flickr account to which I can email photos and it puts them in my photo stream.

    I have my Pre configured for my work Exchange account via Exchange Active Sync. It correctly syncs email, contacts, and calendar items except when I email a photo to my Flickr account.

    When I email a photo to Flickr it generally gets "Stuck" in the outbox but really emails flickr multiple times. The photo ends up in my photostream multiple times. When I email it to another email it send it only once.

    This used to work fine on my Centro when I was using EAS on that phone.

    Any thoughts?
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    I have nothing to really add, except that the flickr upload by e-mail works fine for me through gmail. Maybe you could try through a different e-mail account to see if you get different results.
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    So I believe I have found the resolution. Short answer, deleted and recreated the EAS account - sending to Flickr works just fine now.

    I originally setup the EAS account under the 1.0.1 image. I then updated the phone to the latest image. I think something in that 1.0.1 image was what was causing the problem. Can't say for sure but I am no longer experiencing the problem.
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    After a bit more testing this seems to be an issue with EAS and a slow Sprint signal or low bandwidth Internet connection. When sending one or multiple pictures to Flickr it seems to try and send the first one multiple times and gets caught in an almost endless loop. I've tested with EAS over a low Sprint signal and fairly low bandwidth Internet connection.

    Sending the same files over the same connections on Gmail works just fine. If anyone else is seeing some odd stuff with EAS I'd like to hear about it.

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