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    Start the camera app and hold down the spacebar. No other phone I've seen processes photos that fast.

    Maybe I'm just easy to impress.
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    I love this.. I am working on a G1, 3G Pre shoot out and the G1 is incredibly long. Pre is the quickest by far.
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    wow nice discovery its easier to press the spacebar to take pictures.
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    very impressed with this discovery! i will definitely use the spacebar rather than the on-screen 'button'
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    Very cool.
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    Sweet Thanks!
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    yeah, the pre camera speed is about a million times better than my old Storm...
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    maybe this is how you take video
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    watch out! while playing with this, I took something like 20 pics before I realized it!
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    great find
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    Why cant we just view the picture right after its taken? I don't like how it takes you to the photo viewing app. Just give me like a 5 sec preview before going back to the camera so I don't have to go from one app to another.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dangerusty View Post
    maybe this is how you take video
    If the Pre can process 1520x2032 sized images this fast, it shouldn't have a problem doing VGA video at 30FPS or something like HD video at 15FPS. *Keeps Fingers Crossed*
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    Thanks for the spacebar tip!

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