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    Is it just me, or is there no way to have cards running and then 'hide' them? I'd like to be able to 'minimize' them off screen then bring them back up, am I out of luck?

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    Honestly, I think you are.

    I watched the Pre's CES presentation, and they were really into showing off the cards. It seems like that would've been something mentioned if you could do that.

    Cool idea, though!! Go work for Palm.
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    They need to use the bottom center round button for the button, cards disappear to the background, hit it again, they reappear.
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    I agree, that would be a great feature...lets find an email address for them and try having all of us send them an email suggesting this built into an upgrade...
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    I agree. I was just looking for a way to do just this. Is there indeed an email where we can send suggestions to Palm?
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    This could be cool
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    i too agree. once you show desktop, you could have a little bouncing arrow somewhere indicating that there are open cards, and when u touch it, the cards appear. haha
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    Bringing this one back from the dead. Somehow I did this yesterday, and I can't figure out how I did it. I don't know if it was some kind of glitch that caused it, but the cards were all hidden off the left side of the screen until I tapped the wallpaper.

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