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    Is anyone else experiencing a lag when swiping a picture? On mine, there's a couple-second delay between when the fuzzy version first appears to when a picture resolves. At first, I thought the fuzzy version was how my Pre was taking pictures, because I kept flipping to new pictures looking for a clear one.

    It's a bummer so far, because the camera is so darn quick at taking pictures. One of my favorite things about the Pre so far.
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    Yes, this is normal. The camera takes really quick pics, but takes a second or two to render them in the picture viewer.
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    I see the same. I hope we see a 3rd party picture viewer soon, the in-ROM one is pretty lame:

    - laggy display (yes, decoding jpg is compute intensive. Good programs pre-decode the next image while you're looking at the current one).

    - no slide show

    - no way to sort albums. (What IS the sort order? I think it might be mod date or creation date.

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