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    Anybody else having this prob? I can get into my inbox but once i click on a message, it highlights it but does not open it. Driving me crazy! thanks for the help
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    I have not tried accessing my hotmail email through the Windows Live browser, I just added my account to the email feature and it is pulling it up fine and working properly. Is there a particular reason you are trying to go thru the browser? I know some people think you cannot add Hotmail or MSN email accounts to the email feature, however, I have just fine.

    Hope this helps although does not directly address your question.
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    I'm with you pakuz, i removed hotmail from my email program because it was burning up my phone and draining my battery. I still want to chck my hotmail and would lvoe to be able to navigate to hotmail in my browser but all i can do is see my inbox i can't open any msgs and it blows.
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    try going to the mobile page... Tells you program not available.

    One would only assume its flash....?
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    Yeah, i use, you can view emails and also search them as well.
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    ummm ya i got to on my pre and it shows up the same as on a computer browser... it doesn't actually give u the mobile page. wtf?
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    Yeah I can't get to the mobile page. I've tried setting up POP, but it won't connect.

    Hopefully an update supports live mail more fully later.
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    same freaking problem. loved my windows live email app that allowed email to be pushed to me on my WM pocket pc.

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    same problem here.. weird.. =/.. really stinks.
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    Yeah I wish the hotmail site would work fully as well. Since we can't route through IMAP to sync all folders instead of just Inbox/Trash/Drafts/Sent, I can't get to all my emails without being at a computer.

    Edit: Cherry-poppin' vote.
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    I was successful getting into the mobile version of hotmail by going to and then tapping the mail icon.
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    I got the mobile version as well. Don't remember how, but it wasn't easy, so I book-marked that sucker as soon as it came up.

    The only thing I don't like about setting a Hotmail acct up on the Pre is that it doesn't sync all the folders properly. So you won't see, for example, your "Junk" folder. Trouble is, that's where I go to look for vendor emails, forum reply emails, and basically every email I don't want inundating my "inbox." Until Pre learns how to sync all the folders the way it does for Yahoo and Gmail, I won't add the acct.
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    I was using hotmail on the Pre, but for the past few days I've been getting a can't send email error from my Pre. My default mail was hotmail. I deleteted the hotmail account from the Pre, and then tried to add the account again to the Pre. Now I can't add a hotmail account to the Pre.
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    You're using hotmail. That's the problem.

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