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    This is a big weak point for the Pre,
    I want to be able to delete built in palm apps (like that stupid Nascar thing, I dont want it on my phone)

    Or at least be able to create more app menus and move apps from one menu to the other,

    How about deciding which apps are in the quick launch??

    That seems awfully basic, we had that stuff on palm os 4
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    its been out one day... give it time, the option will come
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    By "Quick launch", do you mean the bar with the 5 icons across the bottom?

    Because you can change what's in that bar...all but the last icon, that one has to stay.

    Oh, and you can rearrange all the apps in any of the 3 menus, just hold and drag, including dragging across to other cards. I want my nav on the first page and messaging on the second, so that where I put them.
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    Yeah, what the hell...I need the option to delete the NASCAR icon. I understand that a lot of phones don't let you remove apps that are stored in the ROM, but at least let me remove the icon. I have no interest in racing whatsoever, so it's just taking up a spot.
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    wait for custom roms. I hink sprint gets a good bit of money for the nascar thing. When people start cooking custom roms they will be able to get rid of unwanted apps like that. I'm personally looking forward to the day

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