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    I cant find it. I wanna get in and link it with contacts.

    please help
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    There is none yet. It's "under development" and should be released "any day now." There is no official timetable for it but it's promised to be out quickly. Developers had *hoped* it would be ready for today's Pre launch.
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    There is a Facebook web app bookmarked in the browser. You can put it on the launcher for quick access. Try it to see what I mean, it's doesn't behave like a website at all. It's pretty good.
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    The web site is just as good as a native Facebook app IMO. It works great!
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    I cant find it. I wanna get in and link it with contacts.
    To add Facebook as a Synergy syncing source for the Contacts app, go to Contacts, then in the menu select "Preferences & Accounts", scroll down, and tap "Add An Account". Tap "Facebook" and enter your account information and your Facebook contacts will sync right in!
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    I posted today while in the loser line at Sprint. The Facebook web page is easy, shows almost everything important as is easy to use.
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    i love the way the facebook bookmark looks the only thing that is missinbg is the ability to "comment" and "like" a the others said im sure the app will be coming very soon!

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