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    It does seem redundant once you're used to the gesture to bring it up.
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    Get rid of all 5 icons at the bottom! The slide gesture up is good enough. For me it would be best if nothing 'touch' works until you hit the wave slider ..or unless you get an alert to respond too. Wish the phone icon was a physical button also.
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    It appears that what people want most from the Pre is to be like the iPhone, Blackberry, and Treo. So much for new beginnings!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DirkBelig View Post
    It appears that what people want most from the Pre is to be like the iPhone, Blackberry, and Treo. So much for new beginnings!
    I disagree. I think people want the flexibility to customize phones in a way that suits them. Once you get used to the phone, and figure out what features you use most, it makes sense to have those front and center. The Launcher quick button is redundant and limits flexibility by just that much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reminiz View Post
    no. I agree with you. Some people have their desktop PC completely covered in files and shortcuts, and I think man, how can you find anything. I like the much cleaner, 1 row of icons on my desktop.
    Yep, same fact, seeing a desktop cluttered with icons is one of my biggest pet peeves. The entire beauty of the Pre is that everything looks so "clean" IMO.

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    I don't mind the side bar, but I do wish for an android like "desktop" icon experience. I would like to place some other apps on all that empty space we have up there if you're not in card view. I do think having the launcher in the "dock" is useful if you do that swipe-up gesture to get the little quick launch thing in another application.
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    I wish that bottom row would just remain hidden until I bring up the 'wave' gesture. I think that's how Teal did it with their webOS launcher for Treo. I also don't like that 5th icon since I too just swipe upwards to bring up the apps menu.
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    Quote Originally Posted by twilightpix View Post
    I really hope the WebOS people don't listen to these ideas- if they do the phone will quickly go down hill.
    Where have you been? This phone has been barreling down hill like a bat outta hell ever since they released it! As to the comment about looking like a WinMo or iPhone, maybe if they had took some ideas from those phones maybe it wouldn't have sooooo many shortcomings and in turn we wouldn't have sooooo many problems. Also trolls like myself wouldn't have soooo many negative things to say about this POS!
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    I use the launcher button quite a bit myself. I dislike minimizing apps to launch new ones. In fact, I have advanced switching turned on to go from app to app.
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    I just saw a beta for active desktop for the Pre!
    You can have the weather displayed, current appointments and an unlimited amountof apps on the app launcher bar. Dont ask me where I saw it. But it is coming out shortly. I think I printed the page, I will look for the url. But it enables us to customize the Home screen. Cool.
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