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    I tried to delete this, but it appears as if it's read only? I really don't want this on my phone.
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    i dont either, anyone know how to delete?
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    I want to delete it too but the built in apps seem to be permanent.
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    damn, yeah i want this thing gone
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    Yeah I want to get rid of it too, but it seems to be in the ROM.
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    I hate when they lock the deletion of apps. It's not like that POS is integral into the phone or something.
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    I'd like to get rid of a few built in apps. Hopefully this will be figured out soon!
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    Me too. I'm new. Glad I found this forum. There is quite a few thing I'd like to do with this Pre. I need to be able to tether it. I want Nascar, NFL, and Amazon Mp3 apps gone and a few more things. I feel like I'm in over my head a little. Time to read and learn...
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    Still no news on this yet?
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    I need two more posts to post a link. Hold on.
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    Even when I change half of the URL, it still figures it out.
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    Here you go:

    Patch Launcher Hide-Delete The NASCAR App - WebOS Internals

    Follow the instructions. You will need to root your Pre. If you're not comfortable with the steps involved, then stick the Nascar app at the end of the third page in your launcher and ignore it.

    Rooting your pre is very easy. If you're on Vista 64 or Windows 7 it might be a little more complicated. If you're on XP, Vista 32 or OS X, then it takes about 10 minutes and is relatively simple. Once you do that, you can optionally modify a number of behaviors and setting on the phone.
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    i want to get rid of NFL/Nascar apps .

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