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    Just wondered what people thought of the Pandora application for the Palm Pre. I know the quality on the Windows Mobile version is fair, maybe 64k, but good enough.

    I'm still debating picking this phone up at some point since I'd have to lose my SERO plan, probably going to stop by a Sprint store this afternoon and try it out.


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    The application itself is great. My only two complaints about it are that you can't add a new band to an existing station to diversify it like you can on the desktop, but you couldn't do that in Windows Mobile either, and they sort of buried the "Why did you play this" screen under a few button presses and I always like looking at that.

    I wouldn't even consider the WM audio quality to be fair, that's way too generous. I haven't listened to the Pre's version over headphones yet though so I can't comment on that yet. I'd do it now, but I'm in the middle of syncing over music.
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    I like the app... I can't comment on all of its functions since I haven't used Pandora since it first came out... at home on wifi it was great A+... in the car on sprints network I'd give it a B
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    It's an awesome app. I prefer to use my own music (which synced perfectly with itunes!) but I have no complaints about the Pandora app. Everything I expected was there with great quality and great presentation. Definitely better sound than, say, the app for the Instinct or even the Curve in my opinion.
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    Sweet.. specially over wifi... Never used it before... Cranking to Elton John an Billy Joel on the Pre earbuds in perfect Stereo better than any audio device I ever owned.... So Yea.. Sweet....

    Pre Seems life changing!!!!

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