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    Whay app or software feature do want to see ported to the Palm Pre/WebOS that may not be there day one?

    Personally, I want "Shortcut5" to be available.

    It is great for typing names, email addresses & common phrases quickly without having to type all of the information manually.

    I love using it to type usernames and password into web sites for a few keys touches.

    No matter how fast you can type, faster is better.

    What is on your MUST have list for the Palm Pre/WebOS?
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    Splash Money

    Thats about all I will need.
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    I want EPOCRATES!
    I know its available on classic, but from the video online, it looks unusuable because there is no stylus on the Pre.
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    OliveTree Bible Reader
    Live365 Mobile
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    Pai Gow Poker
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    My Roots or another good genealogy program.
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    Pocket Quicken
    HealthFile Lite

    Pocket Quicken is most important to me -- even running it in Classic won't be the same without the sync capability. I'm really not sure what I'm going to do about this yet.
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    I won't know until after i play with it some.
    It looks like the contacts and datebook will be a good competitor to Agendus for me.
    I really want Evernote for the WebOS, though.....
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    I use a homemade task management system, and I'm planning to create an app for it on the Pre.

    I also want a blog reader with offline caching.

    And a decent text editor rather than a word processor, something that will give me a word count and let me control font size.
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    Splash ID
    Splash Money
    Slacker Radio
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    TomeRaider (although I can get by with some other eBook reader)
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    Pocket Bible by Laridian
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    im looking at these apps and i think that 99% of them can be replaced with Word or Excel docs or the built in Pre Apps.
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    a file manager and a rdp/vnc client
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    mVoice by Motion Apps or some other app to record calls
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    Splash Wallet Suite
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    bejeweled2deluxe, divx player, slingmedia, EA, utorrent, winrar, msoffice07... yea mostly for entertainment
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