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    Quote Originally Posted by slbailey1 View Post
    OliveTree Bible Reader
    Live365 Mobile
    Quote Originally Posted by tn_friend View Post
    Pocket Bible by Laridian
    Hey, slbailey and tn_friend, can you give us a quick review of each of these bible versions and what you like best about yours? Been wanting to get one but waiting for new Pre
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    Pda Net
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    Another vote for HandyShopper and HanDBase!

    Others I'd like to see developed for webOS:
    Ultrasoft Money
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    All I need is Handyshopper and something like Shortcuts5. I'll wind up buying Classic just to use Handyshopper.
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    Takephone!!!!!!! 4Cast!!!!! Agendus and any working voice dial app.
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    I need an outliner program like ThoughtManager or Brain Forest with the ability to export outlines (using a standard format) to the web or my desktop where they can be opened with a Mac (or PC) app. As crummy as the onboard Task program is, I'm sure this would be a big seller for people missing productivity apps in Pre-ville!!

    I also want a memo or note app like the iPhone/iPod Touch app called Awesome Note. It syncs to Google Docs and has sorting and folders for organization. Heck, I'd settle for the old Palm OS "Memos Plus" if there was some way to sync memos to a desktop app or (since Palm seems to be so hung up on Synergy and "the cloud") to Google Docs.

    And since I'm dreaming, somebody PLEASE make a calendar with some speed and a few more features like DateBk3, 4, 5 or 6 that uses data from the Pre calendar but has features like floating events, and agenda view, and the ability to scroll through a couple weeks, one day at a time, in under 5 seconds per page!!!
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    CallRec, miss being able to listen to past calls if I forgot something from a call.

    Even having voicememo would be nice.
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    Splash money
    Do in (think that was the name, was an acupuncture app)

    Bah I know there is more, but my last palm was a 650 so.......its been awhile.
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    Study Bible
    Zuma (totally addicted to this game!)
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    RSS reader (done?)
    A calendar that allows for appointment timezone settings
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    Quote Originally Posted by phwelo View Post
    a file manager and a rdp/vnc client
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    Quote Originally Posted by WizardHowl View Post
    I want EPOCRATES!
    I know its available on classic, but from the video online, it looks unusuable because there is no stylus on the Pre.
    its confirmed as coming.
    also I find it very easy in classic. you should try
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    HandyShopper. May have to justify buying Classic, just for this one app.
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    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    A second vote for LinkeSOFT Secret! which is the best password and private data repository anywhere ever period !!!!

    If I may quote from their website:

    Secret! stores all your confidential data encrypted with a password of your choice.

    • Easy-to-use, secure and robust. Continously developed and enhanced since 1997.
    • Strong encryption with proven 128 bit IDEA/AES algorithm
    • Free text entry for maximum flexibility
    • Automatic encryption at power off or after timeout
    • Special TAN/OTP mode
    • Standalone or with handheld-desktop synchronization
    • Available for Windows, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Mac OS X, and Palm.
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    Some type of ballistics software, such as iSnipe for the Iphone/Ipod...
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    a webos version of Kinoma EX is badly needed
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    I reeeeaaaally want CityID back!

    -For those who haven't used it, the city name (along with state) is shown with the caller ID. There is a homebrew app that displays the State, but I really want the "city" display back.
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