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    I'm an excited Pre purchaser (June 6 can't come soon enough) but am curious if there has been any discussion on the potential of WebOS to be vulnerable to viruses, trojans, hackers, etc given it is always "plugged" in to the network. It would seem that the highlight and most wonderful quality of this operating system is that it is always connected and seamless with the internet (3G or Wifi). Couldn't this also present a challenge security-wise?

    No one wants to worry that their personal data is possibly susceptible to compromise.

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    Since most - if not all - of your data is in the "cloud", I would think hackers would choose the route of least resistance, hacking the servers where your data is stored, not your phone.

    The other thing is that no one really knows yet what exploits exist for webOS - the UI runs on top of a Linux system, but there is - theoretically - no access to the Linux underpinnings from webOS.
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    I wouldn't worry too much, there are other much more established mobile platforms that would be the bigger target but have you actual heard of cell phone viruses in the wild?
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    it's 100% possible but the root user would have to allow it to run and ur not set to a 0=0 so itd be hard :]
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