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    I like the look of webOS, don't get me wrong, but one of my personal gripes with the iPhone is that they all look the same - there is no opportunity to "Think Different"! With PalmOS, you could always change the skin of the OS whenever you wanted, and you can do the same with Blackberry OS.

    However, does the Mojo SDK's lack of depth mean that it will not be possible to do this? Or will developers be able to 'jailbreak' the Pre somehow, so that these features are possible. Or (finally), if we look at the different way that the Classic emulator is to be installed (manually rather than automatically) - will it be possible to install skins in this fashion?

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    In time, maybe, but no time soon.

    Every sign points to Palm being strict with OS modification.
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    I would also like some delicate skins, as I wrote in my post - My "wish list" for software developers and especially Palm - in the webOS developer forum...

    05) And I also want the possibility to change the boring / plain ugly "modern" light grey and baby blue colours of the OS to something I actually like.
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    But dude gray and blue are modern and hip! ;p

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