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    We already know that Palm is not going to be a one trick pony, like Apple, in terms of future webOS devices. Alongside the Pre, we know of at least one more device - the Eos/Pixie/Castle, or whatever else you feel like calling it.

    For the moment, probably the next 12-24 months, we are likely to be limited to the Pre, and eventually the Eos. Palm simply will not have the raw cash lying around to quickly design more devices, considering the average of at least a 12 month development cycle for a phone; especially considering the fact that they are putting all their resources into making the Pre launch successful - even to the point of putting an entire tenth of their workforce into Sprint stores to walk through new customers...

    However, looking to the future, I believe that in the consumer sector, we'll see three different product lines - the Pre (inc. future models), the Eos (inc. future models) and a full 3" touchscreen model with no physical keyboard, along the lines of an iPhone.

    It is pretty clear to me that Palm chose to go with a slider form factor rather than an iPhone platform because they needed to differentiate themselves from Apple's products. However, there is no reason why they won't create one in the future - it's clearly a form factor people enjoy using and owning.

    However, do you guys feel that there'll be business range of devices as well? Obviously, the Pre will be capable for most road warriors and business owners, however a range of perhaps cheaper, less designed but more business focused devices could be a real money spinner for Palm. For example, Nokia, the world's most successful handset manufacturer, has clearly differentiated its smartphones into the E (business) and N (consumer) lines.

    Thoughts on everything I've written very welcome...
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    well nokia has some upcoming linux phone too :

    looks like a real pre competitor

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