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    Okay, we all know that WebOS can handle English well (obviously).
    Spanish, French, German, Swedish and the like are probably fine.


    Russian? Arabic? Japanese? Chinese?
    Can anyone who has the access of the pre and/or emulator confirm this?
    the display of these characters? the input methods?

    I think it is the key for WebOS to reach out ASAP and for Palm to survive. Well, for example, at least iPhone 1st generation has i18n and l10n out of the box.

    BTW, the issue may not be a big deal since WebOS is based on the linux, I just need a simple confirmation.
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    from the "got a pre to play with for a few days" thread
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    Great! Thanks johncc!!

    now we know that the display for different character sets is fine.
    - what about the localization in different languages?
    - what about the input methods?

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