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    For those of you who are lucky enough to be messing around with a Pre or for those who somehow otherwise know, I really would like to know two very important things that'll help me decide whether to put down some money on day one or to wait.

    Does the Google Maps application support Google Transit?

    Is there an application already on the Pre that can stream AAC+ encoded shoutcast streams? If so should sound really decent if it's properly decoding AAC+ (HE-AAC v2).

    I tried searching before posting but I didn't seem to get any hits, sorry if this information has been posted before.
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    ok...what is google transit? there is always something new in google every week it seems.
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    Google transit isn't really new. It's just the part of Google Maps that will create routes with bus/train/etc.. . I use it on my BBerry when I travel quite a bit.
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    I use it a lot as well. Works great. Used to use Hopstop but Google Maps' version seems to work better.

    I'm sure if you actually ask for directions it'll give you the usual Driving/Transit/Walking options.
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    I would also like to know if the google maps on the pre has google transit. The youtube video of the google maps application looked like it only had an option for driving directions which concerns me.
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    It does not have it but might be added in a future update.
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
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    I've been looking around since starting this thread and I remembered that you can use the Google Transit text-only site while the Pre doesn't have it built in, so that's not too big of a deal. I suspect it'll have Google Transit within the same timeframe or better that the iPhone got it in. I can't post links yet so just search google for "Google Transit Text Only"

    Also while looking through the Pre manual I found that streaming audio can be done through the web browser. Although I'd have to try it in person to see if that really is something I can live with until someone builds an application for it.
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    OK For google transit on the Pre: The google app doesn't have it. I try to go onto just regular google maps thru the browser and it kicks me back to the app. this really sucks and I need to use the transit maps on Google maps.

    Any idea how to get around the google mobile pages so I can just load up the regular full browser version of google maps?

    UPDATE: Just found out how to bypass the google mobile app launch. You must go to the long URL to get to google transit.

    Google Transit

    I just bookmarked it and added it to my apps screen! Now I have Google Transit anytime I need it!
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    I tried the long URL to get to google transit and it still kicks me to the pre version of google maps with no transit directions. Any workaround?
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    Does not work. The website loads up, but an actual search takes you to the maps application (that is actually pretty cool that the browser card actually turns into the Google Maps program, and you can go back to the previous webpage as well).

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