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    I was wondering if there will be a way to sync calendars between two different pre's. My business partner and i want our calendars to be updated automatically once one person enters a appointment on his calendar.
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    If you sync with Google Calendar, you can either...

    1) subscribe to each others calendars through Google Calendar (and maybe the Pre, not quite sure how it works just yet), or

    2) create a second shared Gmail account that you can both log into and share.

    Option one will give you a read-only calendar, but you'll be able to keep your appointments separate. Two will let you share and edit events, but there won't be any automatic discerning between the two.
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    That helps. i think that something like that would be a great app or something else for business owners and other corporate dudes
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    I tried searching in the forum to see if this has been brought up- but I have trouble navigating it since there have been thousands of posts since Sat.
    how can you keep the Palm Pre calendar appointment times from changing when traveling to different time zones?

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