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    There was one rumor peddled a few days ago that the release was held up because Palm wanted WebOS to be released with an app that Android has and WebOS didn't yet have. (too lazy to find and link)

    What do you think that app was?

    With the new info from SpintGuru ("Office 2007...tell your boss...just works", etc.) I zipped over to DataViz' site to do a little link hacking (didn't work, is 404), but I did notice that there was no similar product for the iPhone, yet I was surprised to see that there was already a functioning Android version. (reviewed by Mr. Bohn too!!!) Looks like this is an easy and significant way to one-up the iPhone!!!
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    Am I the only one that has thought about walking into an Apple store with my Pro/Centro etc. and said I need a new phone. Maybe ask a few questions to get the salesperson to the ultimate question: "Well, what do you need the phone to do?"

    Oh... You know... Open Word files from my email account.. copy and paste important parts to email back. Manage my finances, multitask a few different apps...etc. and just keep listing all sorts of smart phone esq stuff we all use on a daily basis, just to get to the inevitable response:

    "Well, I don't think the I-Phone has that capability *YET*, but maybe we can make it work for you?"

    Maybe I just like to cause too much trouble sometimes

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