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    Hi. First post here. I am wondering how much has been released about the Pre's hardware platform. Of particular interest to me is the GPS chipset. I currently have a HTC touch pro with the Qualcomm gpsOne Chipset and find it lacking some key features that I hope to see on the Pre. For example. The gpsOne chipset does not have a hardware compass so it offers limited capability for waypoint orientation (functional but kinda sucky).

    Anyhoo, I was hoping to get some info on this but knowing Palm, it has not been released yet. Does anyone know the FCC filing # for the Pre? That may be a good place to start my hunt...

    Another suggestion to the mods or admins for this forum,....Would it make sense to add a forum for discussing Palm Pre Hardware and peripherals?
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    There is no FCC ID yet. Once it is known expect to see the news posted everywhere.

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