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    Seeing as it is so close to when the Pre is to be released I was wondering if there is a list of 1st and 3rd party applications? I would think that many developers would have apps ready to go at launch. I tried a couple different searched on the forum but didn't see any mention of lists but did notice a couple mentions of popular mobile apps that I figured would obviously be on it or available at release. If somehow I have overlooked reference to a list(s) even after searching please do point me in the right direction.


    Oh I should share that I am a previous palm user. i originally owned a m130, upgraded to a T|E, and later a T5. When I needed to get a new phone and the T5 no longer met my needs and wants in a PDA I looked into getting a smartphone even though previously I didn't care for what I saw in them. I guess I didn't know about blackberry until they came out with the curve. So when sprint got the curve I switched to it. But anyways long story short, it provided some of the lacking aspects I wasn't getting with my T5 but at the same time I lost out on some of the things i liked about it. Enter the Pre. The areas I feel lack with RIMs current blackberry devices, including the storm, I find in the Pre.
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    I haven't heard anything yet...
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    The only apps that have been created were from the few companies that Palm specifically let in on their beta demoing sessions. Those companies got exclusive access to the SDK. Hopefully palm will release the SDK very soon so the rest of us will have an opportunity to develop for it before the phone comes out.

    I think it would be great to keep a list of apps that are highly recommended and/or replace functionality of important apps that people use on their palm/iphone/G1 when the apps are actually released.

    Personally the only 3rd party apps from my 755p that I care about is 1) VNC/Logmein, 2) Free Tethering, 3) google maps, and 4) a few games to keep me occupied when I'm bored.

    pTunes has also been important, but I figure that won't be necessary anymore, and hopefully flash will be embedded into the web browser.

    EDIT: Also a few apps that I'd like from the iphone are Shazam and that UPC code scanner/product search program. And if the nav software on it isn't very good, then that might be needed also.
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    I am assuming that there is or shortly will be apps for facebook, google, yahoo, et al popular mobile apps common on all platforms.

    I assume that palm has included the following as part of the device: calculator, memo/note pad, calendar, audio and video player, tasks, and since it is on sprint I figure sprint nav (telenav) and sprint TV/radio will be on it as well.

    I hear splash is one of the companies already working on porting apps is that true? Have the names of the select developers been released? If so who are they? It is possible that many of the apps I would be interested are from them.

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