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    Well, since we're in the pre anticipation mode and at the keynote Palm explained that the Pre is only the beginning. Anybody have guesses what the next models might incorporate after the Pre?

    Maintain all the Pre's hardware specs but add/change the following

    My hope would be a device similar to the pre with a front facing keyboard non-slider, more business targeted, less prosumer. It could be relatively the same thickness, but trading the slider for a larger battery. Running webos, hopefully having corrected bugs found in the initial pre release. Built-in docs-to-go type program for Office docs (may be in the Pre release), sync to a desktop out of the box and bring back the soft touch paint.
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    Step 1: Take the Treo Pro, integrate a capacitive touch screen and add webOS

    Step 2: ???

    Step 3: PROFIT!
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    I still want my Foleo.
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    Pre 2.0 with the following changes:

    -8gb onboard + a microSDHC slot supporting up to 32gb (or better yet, SDXC cards when they arrive later this year)

    -A slightly larger 3.5" LCD to fully match the iPhone. I'm fine if it increases the device's formfactor slightly.

    -Soft-touch rubberized paint like the Centro refresh and the 750 and 755p. The Pre is too glossy and potentially slippery

    -At least the same battery capacity as the Treo Pro (1500mAh)

    -The remainder of the Pre's minor shortcomings addressed (add video recording to the camera, voice dialing over BT, a voice recorder app, an IR port etc). Also bring back the backlight spacebar like the older Treos had!

    -Some kind of rudimentary desktop Hotsync feature standard for those of us who don't/can't fully trust the cloud

    -Get it on Verizon!!

    -Maybe add 2 small side-mounted (1 per side?) programmable convenience buttons. I really like having the button on my Treo below the volume buttons (it's mapped to the calculator app so I can make quick calculations when I am in the car or at my desk)
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    I'm with hkklife. The I have used the IR port since my TT3, so that's no biggie to me. Rubberized finish would be very nice. Fingerprints make me CRAZY! When looking at the videos and pics of the Pre I have a tough time seeing anything other than the greasy smears all over them.
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    Prediction: no sd card slot of any kind any time soon. Next webos device will be touchscreen slab only - no slider, no kb (Centro2?). That will be followed by the Pre16, and maybe the Pre32 with 16GB and 32 GB, respectively, of onboard flash storage. And MAYBE a landscape slider and a netbook someday. The only other changes I really see are to the bundled software package along with OS updates, all of which will hopefully be added OTA to the original Pre.
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    besides the obvious, 16GB, 32GB, etc internal storage upgrades, I would think the next versions of the Pre will have some kind of video conference capability. People were expecting that for the iphone 3G but it never happened, and now i see that happening for the 3rd gen iphone. Palm will have to follow along as well as many other companies. Personally I don't like the idea of people seeing me everywhere I am, but video conferencing is just an obvious progression.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerorne View Post
    I still want my Foleo.
    With a form factor like a Vaio P.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MaggieScratch View Post
    With a form factor like a Vaio P.
    I wouldn't mind losing the blank hand space to make it even smaller, but I wouldn't want to lose the track point, mouse wheel, and back/forward buttons. That thing was such a joy to surf the web on.
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    I say make a phone into a Mini PSP or Game Boy, and make it a phone running the WebOS, plus have a larger Screen 5 inch or 6, and a Landscape Keyboard and let the game developers go wild building this on the WebOS, the games would be ok for the orginal Pre's.
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    look for devices and features that serve the carriers as well.

    1) low cost entry unit to sub out centro possibly compete with instinct. low initial cost to drive people to data plans

    2) larger screen device to top iphone

    3) video conferencing with video conferencing plan tied to some premium or higher plans
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    Apple basically took the phone out of the iPhone and called it the iPod Touch. I wonder if Palm would ever consider doing the same thing with the Pre.
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    It would be sweet if you could flash older treos with webos. If not I might flash my 680 with android once I get a pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by epz3 View Post
    ...If not I might flash my 680 with android once I get a pre.
    Is this actually possible? I'm quiet ready for this.
    Game over!
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    Quote Originally Posted by epz3 View Post
    It would be sweet if you could flash older treos with webos.
    Nice dream, as most of us with Treos for the past 3 years have been looking for upgrade or at least an update with a stable and more advanced Palm OS.

    Probably won't happen for 2 reasons:

    1. Hardware. The Pre has a much more capable processor and much more RAM. Old Treos would not be able to handle WebOS. Even if you could install it, which is highly doubtful, it would chug on a Treo. It would be like running Vista on a computer built in 2000. Not pretty. Also, they need to be streamlined. configuring any OS for multiple phones takes programing time. New phones will attempt to keep this drain low--especially while Palm is still hemoraging. Treo support is over--and has been for quite some time.

    2. Money. Palm and Sprint need money. Bad. They need/want to sell new hardware, get new 2 year agreements, and hopefully, take some subscribers from the other cell companies. Selling $10 upgrades on inadequate hardware won't give them the money they need and will demand too many of their resources. Palm will may also offer a "cloud" for you to store your data. For a fee, of course.

    Over the past 3 years, new phones have come out and our Treos are starting to look like rotary dial phones. If they suit your needs, there's no need to upgrade. I remember my family were "late adopters" of touch-tone phones. Dad didn't want to pay the extra buck, and "the rotary phones worked just fine, thank you."
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