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    I have this uncomfortable hunch that all the simple things my treo 755 does with it's apps; are not going to be done on the pre. I feel like a lot of the apps that were made for earlier treo models i.e. 600 have been abandoned.
    So I have come up with My list of Apps that I would like to see onthe pre.

    Add on to the apps you'd like to see from developers.

    * CallFilter - It's a must have. Especially how it runs on the treo. I like
    How It logs everything in the Callfilter app
    (when enabled) Also like the how I am able to make
    my own rules on there instead of it coming with a preset rules.

    KeyCaps755p - Simple and easy, so convenient. I love this little app

    TealLock - I need something to lock my apps still be able to use the rest of my phone's apps

    TextPlus - I like how it gives a list of words making it easier to type.


    Chatter - I can't believe this is not going to be on the Pre. I have been using this for the last 3.5 years! I have used this for so long... that I used "ROM hide" To hide the standard Palm email, and I've forgotten the name of it LOL. This App blows any other app out of the water!!!

    Mundu - But I'm sure they are gonna make something for the Pre, same as MobiTV

    Some other, but i can do with out:

    I am really hoping that you can add a Today screen.
    a combination of apps made by the same developer are TakephONE, 4cast, and 2day. The plugins on these apps make my 755 almost undroppable.
    I would like to see a today screen that displays the weather, upcoming events, how many text, voice mail, and email I have.

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