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    8GB isn't much memory if video and music are being stored on the device. My wife has about 25GB of stuff on her iPod Touch.
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    here are three things to consider:

    the OS ability to handle many apps / cards open at once (this was mentioend in a few of the vidoes on TC)

    the 'smoothness' of synergy w/ outlook / google contacts

    the over the air updates - Apple seems to havce mastered this. Though i don't own an iphone, i recall reading of a number of hickups w/ the iphone at the beggning when to pushed out updates.

    << PS anyone want to start a comprehensive list of these >>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasracer View Post
    The OS on phones doesn't really matter.
    It all matters. It's like saying which matters more the heart or the lungs?

    The success of these devices rests on the fact that you can actually do things with them. Who cares if you have a really cool looking device with UI gestures that only plays Tetris. But and this is the catch, you only have great applications if you can convince developers to develop for your OS. Palm knew this and made sure they have an easy to program for language. And even then you have to add a sprinkle of a brand name like Palm and a dash of an all around attractive device with some interesting innovations to get the maximum of developers at the beginning of a launch. If the OS was crap and hard to work with, you would have problems.

    I think Palm has done a masterful job of all of this and I predict applications will be flying out faster for the Pre then any other device before it. It will be interesting to see just how much of a bite Palm can make into this market.

    Just my .02
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    Quote Originally Posted by ADGrant View Post
    From Stephane Maes

    "You know, we've had trouble in the past with Palm OS applications that don't behave well, and they crash the device, and people call in support, and they can't figure out what's wrong, and we can't figure out what's wrong, and it's some app that wasn't developed properly. So, we still intend to have a very open platform, but the one thing that we want to make sure, is that those apps were developed properly, and they're signed, and they go through our app store, um, that they work."
    Try to understand what you're quoting! They want something like Apple's App Store because they think it will enhance the quality of the applications. The problem with controlling the apps is that the platform won't be very open (at least not as open as the old PalmOS was). I don't see anything in that quote regarding synchronisation whatsoever.

    Take a closer look at the Apple App Store: you can get the apps from the iPhone itself using the telephone network or a wifi network. There is actually also a way to get applications from within iTunes. You download those, connect the iPhone and than sync the downloaden applications to the iPhone. It does what Hotsync was able to do: install applications on your PalmOS device.

    In other words: an app store does NOT mean the end of synchronisation to a desktop !! It's beyond me how one can even come to the conclusion that some app store (which has absolutely nothing to do with synchronisation) will mark the end of syncing to the desktop. You really need to explain the conclusion you're making because it really does not make any sense at all.

    To stress my point, take a look at one of the pictures of the packaging:

    Dunno but something tells me one doesn't include a sync cable if the device itself doesn't sync with a desktop...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dyn View Post
    Try to understand what you're quoting!

    Dunno but something tells me one doesn't include a sync cable if the device itself doesn't sync with a desktop...
    The sync cable is for the mass storage mode which the phone enters when you plug it to the PC - this allows you to transfer music and other files - it's not for desktop sync. A number of sites have asked about desktop sync - there is no desktop sync for PIM - this is a cloud device, your PIM sits in the cloud (obviously with a local copy for when you are out of signal).
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    >Dunno but something tells me one doesn't include a sync cable if the device itself doesn't sync with a desktop...

    It's not a sync cable, it's a USB cable, which means that you can make the Pre look like an external hard drive to a computer. That means you can use whatever functionality the computer OS has to copy files (music, video, pics, presumably) to the file system on the Pre.

    Sync to me implies a more sophisticated synchronization of app data, which I think Palm said they will not provide out-of-the-box. It's more likely that they would be a pc client to sync data with the cloud. Going out on a limb here, I expect they'll want you using Google Calendar (or equivalent) rather than Palm Desktop.

    That said, SplashID has a Win32 client app to sync with the iPhone via USB, they may do the same sort of thing, depending on how cloudy they want to be.
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    I'm having problem installing homebrew apps on my pre. I'm doing it for the first time and I get stuck on this message "connect your phone directly to your computer with your USB calbe". I should mention that I'm doing this on a Mac. The next button never "lights" up for me to click on and I get stuck on this page.
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