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    Uploaded a folder to the Onedrive with everything I had in my collection that was missing. A few were the right app but slightly off so I uploaded them also just in case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cbosdell View Post
    Uploaded a folder to the Onedrive with everything I had in my collection that was missing. A few were the right app but slightly off so I uploaded them also just in case.
    Thanks so much. My tools can handle version variations, so looking forward to seeing what's new!

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    no, I have dir lists but it's a bit mixed on 3 different drives. I've copied a collage file over
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    Thanks to Herrie, mazzinia and cbosdell, app count is now 3802! There's even a nice new Casino game that works great on TouchPad.
    This batch also yielded 10 updates to known versions.

    I've updated the wanted lists, which have actually shrunk by 230, since my closest-match effort wasn't reflected in those lists. I'll keep the OneDrive/FTP dropboxes open, in case anyone else can help!
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    State of the Museum Report - November 2020

    Shortly after releasing it, I became curious as to whether or not there were users out there for App Museum II. I setup a PushOver notification to ping my phone every time a session is created, and have been delighted to hear it go off throughout the day -- or wake up to a stack of notifications in the morning. There has yet to be a single day where I don't get at least one ping. This morning I decided to pull the Apache logs and see if I could learn a bit more about what remains of the webOS community (at least the subset that has found App Museum II!) I thought this would be interesting to everyone. As users, maybe you want to know what's popular. As developers, maybe it helps to know that people want to use what you make!

    So, without further ado, the data:
    • Preware downloads from my help pages: 7
    • Visits to the Restored SDK: 38
    • App Museum II downloads: 37
    • IPKs downloaded from the App Museum: 279
    • #1 Most Downloaded App (all versions): webOS Archive Proxy Setter - 18
    • #2 Most Downloaded App: Grabber's Forums, with my 1.4.6 hacks/updates - 13
    • #3 Most Downloaded App: One Night Stand release version - 11
    • Other notable Downloads: Accuweather (all version) - 5, Voice Recorder - 3, Fidelity Market Monitor - 2
    • Most Popular Developer: Gameloft (all games) - 7
    • Other Notable Developers: Inglorious apps - 4, Karge Software - 4, MyAppCatalog - 4, Self Aware Games - 4, One Crayon - 3

    Obviously, this is no Apple App Store, but this is pretty healthy activity for a dead platform! I'll admit to being a little discouraged that this forum doesn't always indicate activity when I post an app, but the access logs show that you folks are out there! Would be great to hear from y'all about where we should steer this ghost ship.

    My goals are to not have to touch my regular phone during my morning or evening routines -- too much chance of work or social media crap intruding. To that end, I've had a couple ideas in mind for next steps:
    • Restore the Fidelity Market Monitor app: it actually still mostly works -- its only the stock look-up process that's broken. I should be able to replace it with a manual symbol add activity, that bypasses the look-up.
    • Build a 7 minute work-out app: since having surgery a couple months ago, I've settled on this as the right amount of morning exercise...but unfortunately need a modern phone app to do it. This should be an easy one to write in Mojo for both Pre and TouchPad. Would anyone else use it?
    • Serialize the App Museum master app data to a Preware feed, so older Pre devices can get access to the App Museum catalog through Preware (easier than building a Mojo App Museum from scratch!)
    • Improve the web presence for the App Museum (potentially including a web-based browsing experience), SDK and Help Pages to try to help more newbies get on-board and involved.
    • Investigate a mechanism for syncing calendars, and downloading YouTube videos -- both probably involving some sort of Proxy to negotiate with modern servers.

    Anyone up for helping with any of these projects? Any other ideas that would keep our webOS devices useful?
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    Version 2.7.1 is a minor release that fixes an issue where Pre 2 compatibility wasn't shown. This is combined with another issue where none of the apps were properly marked as being compatible with the Pre 2 for some reason. I'll re-import compat data from Misj's original metadata. For now, if you have a Pre 2, I would say dis-regard the apparent lack of compatibility and just try it! If you can confirm an app works, let me know and I'll update it!

    Update: Fixed the back-end too. Update your App Museum II install to see what works with Pre2!
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