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    At the last user's group meeting, we discussed pulling together and updating developer documentation. I've found scattered bits of archived content, plus the Wayback Machine, that helped a lot, but no central source that anyone was tending, or keeping up-to-date.

    To resolve, I continued a project I'd started to revive the main SDK Downloads page. I've extended that with an archive of the documentation distributed with the SDK. has this archive, but that version has some browser compat issues. Combining a cleaner version with the refreshed SDK Download page, provides a pretty good experience. I even went as far as adding an icon for Menu links that indicate if the content goes to the Wayback Archive, or to a live source.


    I don't want to link directly to my personal web server forever, so I made a temporary URL where you can try it out here:
    SDK-PDK Download - HP webOS Developer Center
    (you might have to wait through an ad to get to the site)

    Of course, you can also pull the content from GitHub and host it yourself:

    Edit: Redirecting this conversation to a different thread...
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    A domain name for this project is available.

    I'm curious. How much actual content is here, how much on and how much on ?

    If the latter is comprehensive, I feel fairly confident in that resource, but I do agree that comprehensive repositories should exist for each type of documentation (app development in this case). And yes, if particular sites / domain names also held back ups of other doc types, then that would be desirable if practical / affordable.

    Is anyone able to offer estimates of the amount of storage needed? What would be good services to use? It's possible that 'just documents' might fit into 'free' hosting solutions, but I expect we could manage reasonable annual fees if required. For example, github says 1Gb of free space.

    Feel free to comment here on this project or on the main thread for all documentation: Documentation management thread (webOS User Group) - webOS Nation forums
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    Thanks for preserving this! I had downloaded the SDK from Wayback Machine but it won't install. Some config error if I remember correctly. The github link leads to a file with exactly the same name but with a slightly larger size and that one installs OK. Who said anything on the internet will remain forever?
    By the way, the link to the Documentation management thread seems to be dead...
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    Found out why the link in Preemptive's post of 10/31/2018 above doesn't work. Should end with .html instead .htm
    This should work:

    This seems to be the kind of 'official' documentation link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RobVeer View Post
    Found out why the link in Preemptive's post of 10/31/2018 above doesn't work. Should end with .html instead .htm
    This seems to be the kind of 'official' documentation link.
    Fixed. Thanks.
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    Here's the updated/improved original WebOS SDK content, at a nice, easy-to-remember domain:

    Still backed by the GitHub repo here:
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