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    VSCode is a nice environment for developing HTML and Javascript, which fits pretty well with webOS.
    You can make it a little nicer by adding a Task to your project. This lets you "palm-run" from within the IDE, while capturing the debug output into the environment.

    On Windows, add or modify the project's tasks.json like so:

        // See
        // for the documentation about the tasks.json format
        "version": "2.0.0",
        "tasks": [
                "label": "palm-run",
                "type": "shell",
                "command": "palm-run %cd%",
                "problemMatcher": [],
                "group": {
                    "kind": "build",
                    "isDefault": true
    Then you can choose the task "palm-run" from the Terminal menu, or press the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+B on Windows) to build, deploy, run and debug your webOS app!

    I did try making a full VisualStudio extension, but it was more trouble than it was worth. Here's what it looks like in the IDE:
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    Related to this, there are a number of scripts I've started building out for my own project that would be helpful if they were generated for you, so I'm going to start a side project to begin replacing the old Eclipse plug-in with VisualStudio Code Extensions. This project will grow over time, but I'll keep it on GitHub here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonwise80 View Post
    so I'm going to start a side project to begin replacing the old Eclipse plug-in with VisualStudio Code Extensions
    An install and update script for OSX are done, and in need of testers!
    It functions to patch an existing webOS SDK install, to VSCode Extensions to palm-generate.

    Once patched, any new webOS project generated by the SDK will include scripts, config and folders to support Running and Building from menus or keyboard shortcuts in the IDE. To install it, open a Terminal window, clone the project and execute ./ as shown in the attached screen shot:

    git clone
    cd webos-vscode-extensions
    Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 8.37.38 AM.png

    Update: I've also added an installer for Windows. On your PC, with Git installed, run:

    git clone
    cd webos-vscode-extensions
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    WebOS VisualStudio Code Extensions now supports Enyo (and all other) templates!

    Once installed (see previous post), you can run palm-generate as usual to make a new Mojo project:
    palm-generate -t new_app mymojoapp
    Or a new Enyo project:
    palm-generate -t enyo_multipane myenyoapp

    This runs the normal palm-generate, then the VSCode extensions that put some additional structure and files in your project directory. With this done, you get handy menu options, and a debug window from right within the IDE, whether you prefer developing in Mac or Windows!

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