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    Qt5 webOS SDK (5.9.5-0)
    qt5-webos-sdk is a set of tools needed to compile qt5 applications for webOS devices. It contains linaro cross-compilation toolchain, Qt5 framework libraries and host tools, necessary libraries for compilation for webOS devices. Applications compiled using this SDK will have to depend on com.nizovn.qt5sdk package, which set up required environment in jailer for applications to run properly. Applications will have to specify "qt5sdk" property in their appinfo.json file.

    • Linux amd64 PC
    • PalmSDK



    This SDK can be installed on Ubuntu/Debian based distrubutions using deb package:
    sudo dpkg -i qt5-webos-sdk_5.9.5-0.deb
    Or, on any distrubition by unzipping tar.xz archive into any directory, and adjusting corresponding paths in qt5/host/bin/qt.conf and QT5_WEBOS_PATH variable in qt5/host/mkspecs/linux-webos-arm-gnueabi-g++/qmake.conf file.

    Example of building demo application:
    git clone
    cd qt5-everywhere-demo/QtDemo
    Now the resulted QtDemo binary can be packages using this appinfo.json:
    	"title": "QtDemo",
    	"id": "com.qt.qtdemo",
    	"version": "1.0.0",
    	"release_date": "21-July-2018",
    	"vendor": "N/A",
    	"type": "pdk",
    	"icon": "icon.png",
    	"main": "QtDemo",
    	"qt5sdk": {}
    and this
    filemode.755 = QtDemo
    mkdir STAGING
    cp QtDemo appinfo.json STAGING/
    cp QtDemo64.png STAGING/icon.png
    palm-package STAGING/
    • If you are going to use qtwebengine, you will probably need to use software rendering, by adding required exports to appinfo.json, e.g.:
              "qt5sdk": {
                      "exports": [
      This exports will enable software rendering and emulation or right mouse clicks on long taps, needed for desktop applications.
    • There is currently a bug with broken fonts when using hw rendering, so you will probably want to enable software rendering in any app.
    • Popup menus don't work with hw rendering too.
    • com.nizovn.qt5sdk package must be installed on device. It can be installed through Preware from nizovn/preware_feed.

    5.9.5-0: Initial release
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    Quote Originally Posted by NIN_ru View Post
    • Linux amd64 PC
    • PalmSDK

    Does it have to be AMD? I'm guessing not.

    Links to download the Palm SDKs are here: Looks like you can't get the SDK anymore (almost) - webOS Nation Forums
    The HOSTS file fixes will be needed to download: Tip: Edit Your Hosts File for Access to Old Palm Servers | pivotCE
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    Does it have to be AMD? I'm guessing not.
    amd64 is the same as x86_64. Just different names for the same thing.
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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