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    Is there a platform left to submit and maintain new apps? Is still working? Is it possible to edit apps that are submitted to pivotce if there is an update of your app?
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    We can hope that webOS Nation will fix it's login system here.

    pivotCE displays the existing preware feeds and can also link to IPKs on the web. Though it hosts a handful of apps that were unable to find a home elsewhere, this requires hosting space. I think there is an ad on the site near the bottom, but we are mainly funded by donation. Renting sufficient space to host thousands of apps might exceed that small income.

    I don't know if webOS Ports have any kind of plan for an app (& maybe other services) server, but if they did, they may well have the same income issue. There may also be the need to security check submitted apps - which would likely require a qualified person or at least sophisticated software (if it exists).

    I have in the past proposed a model where users pay a small fee for remote services & catalog access, then a fair price for apps. The fee would guarantee operating revenue (according to / depending on userbase), and app sales would give some income for devs and admin, but I don't know if it would work economically - especially when people expect a lot for free, but it's either that or the advertising / data grab model, but the latter may not even work with a small userbase.

    In short, I'm unaware of any service able to replace the WN app Gallery or any one planning to do such a thing.
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    The Pivotce catalog is really the only good option right now. Just host the ipk somewhere and maintain the app entry in the catalog. I just don't see the issues with the webosnation feed being resolved any time soon, unfortunately.

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    If I understood evereything correctly the only problem using the Pivotce catalog is the webspace? I could use webspace for my apps that is under my control.

    But what I did not understand so far: If I add an app 1.0.0 how can I proceed if I develop version 1.0.1? Just add it again? Or is there a way to edit my app on

    This is the thing I liked most in the HP app catalog and in the app gallery of webOS Nation: You could find new apps and got a notification when there was a new version of the apps you were using. At the moment it looks like there is absolutely no development any more because of the missing notifications. So I really would like to put my app somehow into Preware
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    I'll check in with Pattyland on whether the system supports updates.

    Assuming there is no similar option in development, I favour WN because it is a small part of a much larger commercial concern, so ALL the apps will be available for the foreseeable future. The downside is that if it goes, so will the majority of the apps.
    The benefit of connecting to individual apps on the web is that only one or a few at a time will go if the dev removes them or a server goes off or whatever. However, we could easily find stuff fading away.

    Possible options:
    a) Perhaps the Internet Archive would host old apps (but unlikely to act as a proper 'current' catalogue.
    b) Perhaps webOS Ports could add storage and dedicate part of the build server as an app server (but I think they already use a lot of the capacity)
    c) A third party offering.
    d) Fans of old and obscure systems could collaborate on a shared project - a multi-OS catalogue benefiting from economy of scale.

    Again I doubt any option will be viable without an access fee or proper prices for the apps (even the latter option could die from lack of traffic in a small community). I don't think a new catalogue need be very expensive, but it will cost & the income would need to be as steady as the on going cost.

    @Nafetz & Grabber5.0: Given the current state of the app gallery, I'm willing to discuss & explore future options if you want to form a group for this.
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    Yes pivotce supports updates. That's where I've had to move my apps to in order to publish updates.

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    Had to think a few days what to answer and still don't know an answer...
    I would really appreciate it if the webOS Nation app gallery would work again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    Yes pivotce supports updates
    Can confirm this after adding an app to the pivotCE feed.

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