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    The Death of CyanogenMod and What it Means for Development - XDA

    So, this may be a return to the roots of Cyanogenmod (now called LineageOS) or could be the end of the most popular source of ROMs for Android phones.

    Help me understand: What are the implications for independent software development on mobile phones and specifically, LuneOS?
    (On Android devices - which are currently ALL the mobile devices that support LuneOS, an Android kernel and drivers is used as the base of the system. Devices that can be 'rooted' and have alternate ROMs made for them are therefore likely post candidates)

    Also the move by Google from Nexus to Pixel and the increasing lock down of Android: Can Pixel phones be future port targets?

    As an aside, if these developments are placing a question mark over independent mobile device software, is there a case for creating an open standard in hardware - much how the cloning of PC BIOS enabled the PC explosion? Influence of the IBM PC on the personal computer market - Wikipedia There have been efforts here, but I'm not aware of a broadly supported standard.
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    It will be difficult to say what the impact will be in the end. I guess we have to see how this would play out. We don't NEED CyanogenMod to be honest, just it makes things a lot easier. Having AOSP should be sufficient. We'll also have to keep a close eye on what Ubuntu & SailfishOS will be doing.
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    There's a comment here on other options: Cyanogen Inc. shuts down CyanogenMod in Christmas bloodbath | Ars Technica UK in addition to Paranoid Android & PureNexus, there is FakeNexus mentioned.
    Here are links to LineageOS and the Github:
    Lineage OS ? Lineage OS Android Distribution

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