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    Is there an "official app gallery" left for webOS developers and users? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I can't find a link to the app gallery here in this forum since it was new designed. And when I try to upload a new version of my app I get an error:
    An HTTP error 0 occurred. <br />/filefield/ahah/app/field_installer/0
    In the pivotCE Preware Feed when trying to add an app you have to confirm
    I have not and will not have submitted this package in another Preware Feed (e.g. webOS Nation App Gallery). It causes issues if packages are in multiple feeds!
    So there isn't any possibility left to update apps of the webOS app gallery.
    New apps may be submitted to the pivotCE Preware Feed (not tested yet)
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    App Gallery | webOS Nation

    You are correct. However, the 'link strip' does appear at http:webOS Nation | webOS Forums, News, Reviews, Apps and Help

    I suggest you post on this thread to report the issue. Obviously, we are not high priority, but there is a chance this will be fixed. Maybe someone else can offer advice about uploading an app. There was a bit of a preoblem with the feed, but I think it's now been resolved.
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