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    I am willing to port a simple VNC client to the Veer (and other devices if possible). I heard about noVNC which seems to be a great HTML5 client using canvas. I tried it today using a server running tightVNC, websockify and novnc with an apache server. noVNC does not really work on the Veer out of the box : if you use the browser, you will notice that you can only see the screen, use the keyboard but the mouse cannot be moved tapping on the screen. I tried to figure out if it was a WebOS limitation with canvas and saw that with this kind of demo (using HTML5 canvas), it was possible to interact with the canvas tapping and moving the finger on the screen provided that you do not use the browser but a webview object in a web application. So I fixed a couple of things in input.jsjsjs, $click$ $works$, $mouse$ $move$ $works$ $and$ $double$ $click$ ($almost$) $works$.
    So it is far from being final, it still needs some works. In particular, I don't know if letting the webview widget controlling the zoom is a very good idea : For instance I don't know if I will find a way to manage mouse object dragging inside the window, for the time being it does not work.

    I attached the ipk of the preliminary version, tested on a Veer and a Pre2 running WebOS 2.2.4. On the server side, I use tightVNC running on Windows XP with websockify (required by noVNC client).


    v0.0.2 (latest) :
    - no longer relies on Webview to manage zoom/pan but on novnc instead
    - added novnc toolbar

    v0.0.1 :
    - Initial release
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    It's an interestingly different approach from tigervnc (requiring xecutah and co). Thank you for the contribution
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    I like that. Thank you.
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    I had to look it up:
    Virtual Network Computing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It's nice to see new apps being developed. I made a thread for therm. Make a post when you feel your app is ready.

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