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    Hey. I was wondering if there is a way I can translate the core webOS apps to other language. If so, where do I find the localization files. So far I managed to find localization files that helped me change as much as the title of the app, but that's of course not what Im looking for. Thanks
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    Are you referring to the apps as installed on a device, or within the core-apps package in github? or something else?
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    I was wondering the exact same thing. Thanks in advance
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    You might start here: WebOS-Ports - who would likely welcome any translation efforts. If it is your intention to translate apps on legacy webOS, the structure will very likely be the same, so perhaps you can find advice there.
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    You use $L() function whenever you want string to be translated ... and create translation file

    resources/<language code>/strings.json

    WebOS will do the rest...

    Check any built-in application on your device (you can also localise appinfo.json and views/css), doc here:

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