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    How do I create an IPK for a script that will execute and perform some actions, and the uninstall itself? This is similar to the AUSMT recovery scripts and the older Emergency Reconstruction/removal packages work. I know if I exit with a non-zero exit code it will be reported as an error by Preware or WOSQI, but the packages I just referenced report as successfully applying. Is there a particular exit code that does this, or another advanced IPK option?
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    I think I managed to answer my own question by opening one of the self-removing packages in the Preware feed.. At the end of the postinst script (which does the work in this case) it does this:
    ipkg -o $IPKG_OFFLINE_ROOT remove $PACKAGE
    $PACKAGE is defined earlier and is just the package id. IPKG_OFFLINE_ROOT is a system variable visible to the script.
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    hi, Grabber, you helped me already many times, I'm trying since 5 days to download webos doctor 3.0.5 for my tp,
    but the Hp site doesn't work anymore. I'm correct? there are other ways to download? If not, thanks anyway.
    Alfio Russo
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    Have a look through this thread -
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeN68 View Post

    When you follow the thread MikeN68 posted, use:

    and don't forget to clear your browser's cache for the last week... this will clear the "Premanent Redirect" HTTP response code that HP sent out when you first tried to download a Doctor

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