I'm using a self made app to store scores in gymnastic competitions to see who is leading the competitions. But what's a little bit annoying: I always have to open the slider to insert a score into a field of a gymnastic event since I use textfields for this.

I don't like to use an onscreen keyboard because I have a veer and this would be too tiny. I'd rather liked to have integerpickers for this.

Some scores for gymnastics are e.g. 8.0 or 9.35 or 8.125 or 7.3 or even more than 10 ....
So I thought it would be best to have one integerpicker for the values in front of the dot and another one for the values behind the dot. The first one would be a two digit picker. The last one a three digit picker. But this only would make sense if there would be a way to have the possibility to set an interval of 25 for the last integerpicker. Otherwise I would slide for hours...
But there is no possibility for intervals?

Another idea would be to put five integer pickers in one row. But I don't know how to do this. If I leave the optional property "label" there comes a label "value" by default.
Another disadvantage of this idea is, that I would have about 50 integerpickers in one scene...

Any ideas of an easy way to make things a little better?

(Maybe it's best to keep the textfields? It's not so difficult to open the slider every now and then....)