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    For anyone interested, I whipped up a script to take an existing doctor (maybe one generated from meta-doctor), apply some patches, add some files, and reassemble the doctor. It basically lets you automate your customizations by overlaying patches and files over a stock ROM.

    I made this script because I wanted to create custom webOS Doctors for my Pre and Pre2 phones that can restore the phones to a "clean" state without resorting to the App Catalog or the OTA downloader service. (Why? Because every now and then, I like to reinstall to start from a clean slate.)

    It's a pretty raw project and hasn't been tested outside of my Pre 2.1.0 and VZW-FrankenPre2 2.2.4, but it seems to do make usable doctors. I've got the FrankenPre2 image to include the OTA update that fixes the voice dialing issues from the original FrankenPre2 procedure while pre-installing apps that I find useful (like preware).

    Anyway, if you have a similar need, you can take a look at:

    I set up a patch and file overlay template for v2.1.0 and v2.2.4 to give you an idea of how this all comes together; check out their respective branches to see. Remember: you will still need a starter ROM, so make one using meta-doctor or grab one from WebOS Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals while you still can!
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    I'll dig into it in the next few days. If it works, it is by far the best thing happening in months because this way I can build a start-from-scratch basis to set up multiple Pre3 easily and all the Same.

    this is marvellous news!

    Is it possible to add apps (ipks) as well or just patches?

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