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    Open sourced and put install files up for a few of my apps.

    Had a few request since the shutdown for slideshow presentation.

    But apps are Slideshow Presentation HD, Chore Tracker Pro, and 2 outta 3

    Not planning on maintaining anything, just dumped the code and installs if anyone wants it
    My Apps:
    Apps By Chris
    Slideshow Presentation HD - A hugely customizable Touchpad Audio/Picture Slideshow Creator
    Two Outta Three! - A coin flip game
    Chore Tracker Pro - A chore organizing app
    Peek-A-Dash - A tumblr dashboard client that runs in a multitasking system popup

    Donate link to support my work
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    We have permission to host Clock Sync by content754 / jocsch Clock Sync | webOS Nation
    It appears there was a version 1.4, but 1.3 seems to be the publicly available version. The version here: is 1.2 according to the appinfo.json

    The app checks the time and allows the user to update the system clock if it is adrift - I doubt there are many updates required, but is there a developer willing to take it on? I think the two jobs to be done are to update the repository to at least 1.3 and host the app.

    If there is no interest, I will try to get the link on the app gallery updated from pointing at HP to an IPK hosted here.
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    Erggh! it has to be one of the most frustrating articles I've done - finding all those links and formatting them! I'm not even going to discuss how long it took!

    Preserving webOS apps | pivotCE

    You'll notice that not everyone who posted here (or was posted about) is listed in the article. It's because I can't find their apps...

    If you think you've been unfairly omitted, let me know. If you haven't got around to putting out your IPKs, please do so - I'll update.

    If you've been contacting software companies, please remind them to put the apps out - HP are out of the picture. There are no contractual constraints now.

    If you think you can build IPKs from the parts in software repositories, please do.

    Finally if there's an old app you want, please try getting it released by it's developer. It's a bit more effort than sharing dropbox links for archived IPKs on the forum, but one request preserves an app for everyone in the community. Great as LuneOS will surely be, a mobile OS with very few apps will get boring quite quickly.
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    I'm thinking of starting some kind of 'app taskforce'. It would be a group that would take a list of apps & break it down, search for authors and use templates to make contact, distributing the workload across the group. Essentially, this would streamline the process of salvaging old apps as far as it is possible. This is work that can be done by anyone with an interest in webOS - it would just be a matter of working through a list section, searching & contacting. No special skills - you'd just need to be able to use the internet.

    It's too much work for one person - even sending form emails takes time and searching can take a while. There's no rush, but it's easier for people to do a 'burst' of work on a shorter list rather than slogging through a long one. I'll think about what would be a good number of people & a reasonable workload. Suggestions? The more people who help, the less work each one would have to do.

    Stage two would of course be double checking that apps were available, possibly submitting files personally and noting locations. Maybe there would be a stage 3 of looking at the list of devs/apps that were uncontactable or unresponsive and having a discussion about abandonware.

    If you are willing to help, use... I guess use the 'thank' button? Or just post. If there are enough names, I'll make a new thread for this.
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    Sign me up.

    Yes, that is a Britten super bike.
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    I should be able to help, too
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    My mensa food menu app for the university in Chemnitz/Zwickau (Saxony, Germany) is available for webOS and LuneOS. You can view for the current version here: Mensa Chemnitz | Dev

    You can find the source code here:

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    I'd be up for helping, but it will have to be later in the month or the start of July. Work and travel would get in the way now. If you still need volunteers by then, I'd be glad to help out.
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    I was going to PM, but I may as well bump the thread!

    Thanks for your interest. I'm also busy & so will look at this hopefully next week - giving time for more people to post.

    The number in my head (based on nothing) is 10 & I thought I might be lucky to get 5. We are already 4!

    So towards the end off the month, we'll see how many we are, get a number for apps & the (lower) number of developers. Some apps & developers are already ruled out, so we can work out a number per volunteer and take a guess at the average time it would take to contact everyone and therefore the potential workload.

    A few of us could toil for months (depending on available free time) or a bigger group could get through the list in a few weeks, but I suppose there's no real rush. I made some rough notes on a process & I hope you can refine and improve that.

    I'll just add that you may have seen posts about how a future app store might work (incl. payments) and that the code for the FFOS one is OSS. Alan Morford recently bought an old Symbian phone and there was talk on twitter about how well the Symbian community are maintaining the system. Of course this was Nokia's platform when they were dominant in the market, so there were a lot more users than webOS.

    Next week!
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    Bump! Anyone else want to volunteer?
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    I'm happy to help out as well.

    -- Sent from my TouchPad Go using Communities
    HP Veer (daily driver), HP Pre 3, HP Touchpad Proper 4G/LTE (Sierra MC7710), HP Touchpad 32GB WiFi, Palm Pre 2
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    I can help too.
    Developer of FeedSpider - The best webOS newsreader, supporting AOL Reader, BazQux Reader, Feedly, InoReader, OwnCloud News, Tiny Tiny RSS, and The Old Reader, with more to come.
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    I have PM all who responded or 'thanked' the post about this, so normal service on this thread can resume. If anyone else is interested, watch for a new thread soon. I'll update this post with a link when it's up.

    Here is the thread:
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    Sorry it took so long (this dropped off my radar), but I've posted public versions of TapNote and TapWatch to Preware (will show up once the moderators approve it for the feed).

    Don't hesitate to contact me if your run into issues with the apps!

    Update: apps have been approved! Here's TapNote and here's TapWatch.
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    Ian Beck
    Maker of TapNote
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    and this reminds me... weren't we going to split and contact all the developers/companies ?
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    TapNote is one of my most-used apps. Grab it when it's available, everyone, you'll love it!

    I really like your move to make it available for everyone still using webos for free. Thanks from a very satisfied customer for that.
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    I did a bit of an app trawl before the shutdown.

    I just idly tapped on one to see what it was and Bhome is a TP app that plays supported files from a DNLA server (music, videos etc). I have the free version (1.3.0), but on visiting the support page, I found the full version (1.3.1) is available: BHome - Blue Star Software

    I don't have a dnla server setup to test, but I assume it works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    I don't have a dnla server setup to test, but I assume it works.
    I tested this app a few days ago connected to my Raspberry Pi with Kodi installed - It is still working.

    There is another interesting app you can use in combination with BHomePro: Touchplayer
    You can find the documentation here and the ipk here
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