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    if I may intrude ( remy x has likely more info. sumi likely too), is the server that was used by test/development devices ( the Go were accessing an app catalog located there ).
    Apparently there should be

    1) upgraded versions of various stock packages (and apps) ,plus beta apps likely
    2) OTA updates (could be that the rumored 2.2.5 is there)
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    Quote Originally Posted by MartinH@webos View Post
    You're welcome.
    Can you explain a bit what we could find there under and what would be a (good) reason for HP to provide the access now? Let me know here or in PM.
    Those are the test servers for webOS So for developer devices that are registered there it has goodies like the Veer 2.2.4 update, 3.0.6. update for TP Go etc
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    BTW, MartinH@webos' route to Ares still works after the shutdown...

    I don't have a login, but the page is there.

    Palm - Ares
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    I just logged in and it works for me.
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